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March 30

Today we had philosophy club on the court of carolinas. Because it's so warm, it was very enjoyable. It's strange to think of us as so close, but really as we debate as strike the head of a bold idea, we're often lead to places we would not have expected, or otherwise never would have visited by ourselves.

This summer I'll be entrolled here for running and publc speaking, both mandatory classes for any college student here. The next summer I will be studying abroad. Hopefully, with luck and tact, it will be in Japan. Even the thought of such bold movement is inspiring to my studies, which I can assure your I am keeping up with despite how it may seem to you who has only seen the pitiful wrath of my hiragana and katakana.

I'm watching a lot more anime as you may guess. It's really enjoyable, especially when you have friends you can talk through it with. But even better, it's a tool for inspecting the sorts of things we do. I've been thoroughly made busy by my classes, so I haven't had as much time to read poetry or any book from the massive pile I've collected on my desk. Irony, coming from me. I hate people who claim they have no time left for fun and leisure; it's very important to relax from the expectations of our century. Perhaps, on reflection, I ought to realign my recreation to some fun little books instead of this sinkhole of a computer. I love it, but some times I realize the small abounts of time I dump into it sum to a great amount over the week.

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