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History of Howler

Howler was first hosted at, which first came on-line in March 2017.

It's only purpose ever was to run a campus imageboard for N.C. State University, and indeed that's all it ever did. The real-time imageboard (which is a slightly-better fork of the poorly-written Doushio imageboard software) was advertised across the campus using a series of posters advertising the site. A curfew ensured that users could not access the site unless they checked sometime from 9PM until midnight. This is another cryptic and stubborn choice that I clung to for some time.

Initially, the only two boards are /ncsu/ (university discussion) and /swt/ (off-topic). However, a third board /yu/ (Hot spring) is warranted to post lewd pictures.

Howler shut down for the summer (owing to an embarrasing lack of traffic) and vowed to re-open in August when the regular semester resumed. Before the site is shut down, an IRC network is created and a single channel #bigtown is opened. It's widely regarded as the best and most decisive decision ever made regarding howler.

Eventually howler did re-open, and many more people were made aware of the site by another successful poster campaign across N.C. State. is soon moved to because no-one can remember the extension. Luckily, more than 1 out of 10 people remember so the name is kept.

The content from is migrated to and the two sites are linked by a common page. Three more boards are also added to howler: /sports/, /filo/, and /nu/; furthermore, the curfew is lifted and posting is allowed at any time of day.

/honk/ is introduced for musical discussion and /sports/ is culled for a lack of interest sometime in October 2017.

Several meet-ups are organized during the Fall 2017 semester. On October 25th I organize a meet-up to eat hot wings which went well except that I, despite the big talk, could hardly eat my share of hot wings. On November 14, the first board game meet-up is held in D.H. Hill 2400 and it goes well with lots of card games and pizza and cookies and fun and admin-hassling.

In December 2017 a node.js update breaks the imageboard software; as a result the site is re-evaluated and eventually only three boards make it out: /ncsu/, /yu/, and /swt/; howler solely exists to provide a forum for anonymous discussion for N.C. State and any dreams to expand beyond the university are forfeit at this point if they were not already

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