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My Steam Workshop

Recently I've sunk a lot of my free-time which would otherwise be spent writing actually useful software into writing add-ons for Garry's Mod. If you haven't played it before, GMod is essentially a physics simulator for the Source Engine which is highly extensible via hooks exposed to a dialect of Lua called GLua.

It's possible to write add-ons to Garry's Mod in Lua and upload them alongside other fan contributions to the Valve Steam Workshop. Originally add-ons were hosted by Facepunch studios themselves but it's my understanding that this came to pass a few years ago. Much like Gamebanana, the Facepunch Studio forums used to be a rich place for discussion involving Facepunch Studio games (the biggest being Garry's Mod) however all content has since been deleted (tragic!)

I have written a number of add-ons for Garry's Mod and have hosted all my content on my Steam Workshop in addition to my personal Github. When you download things from the Steam Workshop they arrive in .gma files which are simple packages unzippable by the gmad.exe utility. Therefore my Github repository is kind of redundant because all the source is in this .gma file, however for your (and my) convenience the source-code is versioned using Git. Steam Workshop is problematic in that it has no native version control, instead each "push" to the Workshop simply overwrites the previous contents with only an update the the change log, so while the Workshop is a convenient hosting tool it is not the greatest at managing source-code.

A good number of these add-ons have been demonstrated in my livestreams:

More info and set-lists are posted on my other site, so check that out too!

GMod Virtual DJ Stage Gamemode

Download from: [ Steam Workshop / Github ]

Me playing a set inside my Virtual DJ Stream Stage

This is my passion-project. It introduces a new gamemode and a few new entities for it as well. This game mode is designed for virtual DJ sets and things like that.

It is a brand-new gamemode for Garry's Mod allowing you to stream music in real-time to everyone on the server. Its primary intention is to be used in the creation of a virtual-club environment (with multiple visualizers around the room) for use in on-line DJ sets but works fine as a general internet radio / visualizer as well.

The idea is to let DJs use Garry's Mod as a virtual streaming platform. I've modeled my own Numark Mixtrack Pro DJ controller as the stream controller. The gamemode is far from completely being done but it's what I've spent a few weeks working on recently.

Streaming Camera for GMod VRMod

Download from: [ Steam Workshop ]

3rd-person perspective from my VRMod Camera

I started exploring Catse's VRMod, an add-on for Garry's Mod which allows you to play the game entirely in VR, and immediately fell in love with it. When I streamed my first VR / mixed-reality set for my EVA Synesthesia #002 Set I realized that watching someone jump around from their first-person perspective can be disorienting at times. Unfortunately VRMod does not offer any other way to capture your viewpoint.

This add-on lets you spawn cameras which can either (1) follow you around or (2) stay static on the map, allowing you to capture and stream camera feeds to OBS which are much easier for viewers to understand and interpret. In the case of the 3rd-person cameras, these are motion-smoothed using a linear interpolation algorithm to make motion less jarring as well.

A good example of these cameras can be seen in my October 24th set, where I control the cameras using the X, Y, A and B buttons on an XBox controller while DJ'ing.


Download from: [ Steam Workshop ]

stream_club_apartment; compatible with my Streamstage gamemode

This is a Source-engine map based off an apartment I lived in around 2018, immediately after I returned from my study-abroad in Tokyo. It is modeled to be appealing to someone standing or walking around the apartment in VR, as this was developed while I was experiment with using VRMod in Garry's Mod.

Featuring a living room, full-sized (haha) kitchen, a laundry-room and 3 bedrooms, this Source Engine map is pretty much ready for you to call it home for a simple 12 month lease! Or you could just move into the original apartment at 2816 Avent Ferry Road Apt. 303...

In my room at the very back there is a particular door leading up some stairs to a cozy nightclub, complete with a bar-tap and DDR Extreme machine (3 quarters per round). We hope you enjoy our (old) apartment!


Download from: [ Steam Workshop ]

Virtual Nightclub; compatible with the streamstage gamemode

I heavily edited a pretty old roleplaying map rp_club_nightshade and redesigned it to host a virtual rave. The club is now known as Club Howler and we host DJ sets and Trouble in Terrorist Town matches weekly; every Saturday at 8PM (EDT) normally, but check the site just to be sure.

NicoNico Douga-style Chat

Download from: [ Github / Steam Workshop ]

Scrolling text like on the Japanese video-sharing site Nico Video

This addon is a plug-in that transforms the player's chatbox into a Nico Video-styled stream of comments flowing from right to left.

Auto-open Black Autumn Playermodel Selector

Download from: [ Steam Workshop ]

Auto-open Black Autumn Playermodel Selector

This is a simple add-on script for the Black Autumn Playermodel Selector because there was no existing add-on allowing server ops to open this panel for connecting users. Normally servers are not allowed to overwrite client keybinds, however this function hooks in to the gm_help (a help function for game modes and defaulting to F1) and this functionality allows the add-on to remain fairly lightweight.

MOTD Support for Garry's Mod Servers

Download from: [ Github / Steam Workshop ]

Message of the Day Support for Garry's Mod Servers

A "message of the day" is a message that is shown to all clients when they initially connect the the server. To use this add-on, download it from the Workshop and write a cfg/motd.txt file containing the message you want splashed.

This MOTD solution is basically a clone of the MOTD support featured in other Source engine FPS like Counter-strike: Source. Garry's Mod does not (for whatever reason) support the cfg/motd.txt file natively so this add-on adds that functionality back.

Music Stream Visualizer

Download from: [ Github / Steam Workshop ]

DJ Kit / Visualizer for Garry's Mod

Just a port of my "Virtual DJ Stage" add-on for other gamemodes (sandbox, etc.) Doesn't feature a lot of the functionality of the prior either, mostly exists for people to play around with the stream stage before committing to a play on a separate gamemode; very unmaintainted at the moment.

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