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I really need to find a group of motivated people, real-life, true-to-touch people. Hanging around these ghostly life-deniers is really getting to me; maybe it's a failure of my strength that I cannot squeeze myself out of this suffocating room but with the break and things coming up there is little reason to rush myself out of this so fast. Oh, but I can't stand it for far longer!

They're so quick-to-opinion, swift and thoughtless ajudication.

I've spent lots of time this semester getting ready for the next; I get final, official confirmation on December 7 from Sophia University. In all sincerity, the day could not get here any sooner.

Today, I broke up my time between filling out more of my final english paper, playing DDR, and studying for my semiconductors final exam. I have just as many final reports / presentations as I do final exams. I wish that people wanted to talk about something other than their exams, and how sad school makes them. Yes, we're all here together. I know.

I remember writing here about Music I'd listen to. It was about bands like Asobi Seksu and ミドリ. Now, I am listening to Anamanaguchi "My Skateboard will Go On" which is cutesy chiptune music. Very fun and light to listen to.

I'm not sure why I destroyed the physical, original version of my diary. Maybe I have a good sense of when things deserve to end, when the thread should be cut by that fate. When I decide to kill anything that puts it under my control; it cannot escape and run and do whatever freely. Because I made it then I can kill it. Some people never exercise that skill. They do no see the beauty of creative destruction, the art of creating nothing from the destruction of Genesis by Revelations. There is still something there, lingering in the air after all has been done: nothing. But we bore its witness: we saw it! We saw it come and we saw its undoing: time, the flash of evaporating light. The beauty is destruction of creation, and the creation of the destructor, and that we alone witnessed this thing's entirety. It was exclusive to this time.

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