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July 15

Found an old screenshot of my desktop buried on the internet that is dated january 27 2015, and the most notable thing is how my esthetic has evolved from that cold minimum. But on looking closer, I see I was listening to Chrome Sparks. I thought his music was a fresh discovery, recent at least, that I'd never heard him before a few months ago! It's obvious that I didn't latch on the, as his music fell on my ears but really did not stir anything in me as it has recently. I developed a taste for it, and then only did it reveal itself to me, the meaning of that music.

So now do I have a real idea of the gradual, undetectable almost from an infinitesimally limited perspective, change. So in music as well as people, there are some tastes which only make themselves obvious when you can connect in a meaningful way with the other. And something in me is engaged now that was not before.

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