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Just by looking at someone's handwriting you can tell what kind of person they are; although I write a lot in the diary I keep in my backpack (and I'm very careful about writing cleanly in there), that diary is on a delayed release schedule of twenty years so you won't see it anytime soon.

Recently I've had the opportunity to practice my handwriting using a computer drawing tablet... eventually I want to use it to write the scripts for the dōjin-shi we work on at [PrettyBoy]. I've found it so much fun that often times I am scribbling in an open terminal when I should probably be working.

I'm sure it's not too hard to tell what kind of person I am just from my hand. To satisfy your curiosity, I've prepared some samples of my hand-writing; I'll add some samples of my translations and typesettings here if it becomes relevant soon!

Yumi (22) writes in Japanese

Yumi (22) writes in English

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