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First it Stings, then it's Fine

I washed my car today. The pollen this Spring is fucking atrocious and it had all accumulated in a thick layer over my E36. The wash today was much-needed.

In the past I've taken my car to an automatic car wash, one of those ones with the flashing rainbow lights and the machine you drive up to that eats at least $7 and then does a piss-poor job at cleaning any amount of grime off. Today I settled on a hand-wash instead of the automatic one because (1) I can clean my car better myself and (2) it's only like $4 for 8 minutes of high-pressure soap and water. Also I get to clean the tires myself which is a massive benefit since those automatic ones can't clean tires well at all.

Anyway it's nice and sparkly now. Still needs a wax though.

Yesterday I got my second dose of the Pfizer vaccine and it (like the doctor said it would) made me feel like I had a bad bout of the flu today. It was absolutely miserable and I just laid in bed most of the day; finally I roused myself to go out and wash my car early this afternoon, but I still felt quite ache-y when I got back.

Jesus Loves UK Garage

I got this really dumb shirt recently that says "Jesus Loves UK Garage". I like it a lot; it's a large.


I haven't had a haircut in something like 16 months.

If You're So Smart Why Aren't You Rich?

I'm not sure.

Sometimes I think I'd do well in a R&D position. Other days I'm glad I get to work on my ideas in my free-time without any obligations or pressure. I'm not sure anyone would sponsor what I'm working on anyway.

I picked up a Logitech G920 race wheel recently (maybe 3 months ago? I don't think I've talked about it though). It plugs into my PC via USB and shipped with pedals and a 6-speed shifter with reverse lockout. I use it to play DiRT Rally (2.0), which I stream from time-to-time. I'd like to try out more racing games on PC; Forza Horizon is one I'm looking at next, if only for its modding community. Of course I've played a lot of Wangan Midnight with this wheel, that was one supporting factor in me getting it anyway. Though often I've not made much time to play games because I am using my free-time mostly to study Japanese and program a booru network.


I'll be taking either N1 or N2 in December. Originally I aimed to take the N1 exam, because I have plenty of time and motivation to study before then since that is more than 8 months away. Instead I will likely take the N2. I have some books that promise to cover N2 in 8 weeks with only 2 pages of each every day. The only problem is that they're exceptionally dense and I'd rather spend time using new vocabularly and grammar before hurrying off to N1 books.

I am unsure what level I will sign up for when registration opens in August, but I know I'll be ready to make the best choice for me when that time comes.

I'm not even sure why I'm taking the exam as I have no real need for the certificate as a software-person. Maybe it's just to leave open the opportunity for me to work abroad at some point. Many companies require you have at least some qualified skill in the language before they will ship you over.

Recently I've kept a better sleep schedule than I started the year with. I think this is because I've filled my day with so much programming, writing, reading and researching that it's left me little option but to go to bed (relatively) early and not catch too many ZZZs. This has also led me to cut alcohol out of my weekends because it really adds no value to whatever I am doing. I'm sure my liver thanks me for that decision.


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