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Favorite Songs from All DDR Ever

Songs might have been released for another cabinet (or even another Bemani series game) but that's really none of my business. My favorite cabinet is either 4th Mix Plus or Extreme, because those two include lots of earlier songs and also introduce lots more. I think the older cabinets have much better music.

DDR 1st Mix

Trip Machine, Paranoia

DDR 3rd Mix (Plus)

WA, Dead End, Dam Dariram

DDR 4th Mix (Plus)

Dam Dariram (KCP Mix), Wa, Paranoia Evolution

DDR 5th Mix

Healing Vision

DDR Extreme

There was this DDR Extreme cabinet in the Time Out in Asheboro, North Carolina that I played almost every day I was home on break from university. It's gone now, but that cabinet was a real blessing.

Stoic, Cartoon Heros, ♥Love²シュガ→♥, LOVE♥SHINE, Sexy Planet, Kind Lady, Mobo Mega, 魔法の扉 (スペース@マコのテーマ), Frozen Ray for Extreme, R3, Healing Vision (Angelic Mix) Can't Stop Falling in Love

DDR Supernova

Doll, 華爛漫, Xepher

DDR Supernova 2

Trip Machine Phoenix, Stealth


Kimono Princess

DDR 2013

ウッーウッーウマウマ(゚∀゚) (Speedcake Remix), Beautiful Dream


I really like the main menu music. Also Reach the Sky Without You.

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