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December 13th, Saturday night

. . . talked with ██████ earlier tonight. . . doing well and as politcially charged as ever. We talked about math since my calculus final was friday, then he started to talk about christoffel symbols and metric tensors. It really excited me to talk about such brand new things. And indeed, I do want to learn a lot more about math because I like it; in fact I plan to at least minor in it. Talking with ███████ is always so fun because ███████ knows so much that I don't; it's brand new, as I've said. I cannot. . .

. . . you noticed that people when work more than they're used to, or when life life demands something of them, they seek escape? They fly from the challenge just as this this weekend they have sought reprieve, and just as we have after the first week of tests. . .

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