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Thursday 11.19 afternoon

I can feel a change washing ver me before I have been barely conscious of those things but now I am acutely aware of it but by knowing of it I feel that I impede it or maybe change its direction. Probably not, but this still deserves a thought.

Speaking of inspection, I have been doing a lot of it lately. Often my thinking is comically interupted by a recorder, but either it subsides quickly or I leave so I see no problem in it.

I've been thinking so much of "why". As in, why am I studying so kanji; often if someone asks I reply that it's just something to do aside from schoolwork, which it is but I'm sure that's not really why I study ten every day.

After a brief pause, I have again picked up The Idiot though I am reading much more intently and far more this time around. FEDD projects are pretty well over (glory be to god!) so that all I must do is present my project on tuesday then retire from here for thanksgiving break, which will be spent downloading all the greatest music and shows from Japan

A month or so ago I ordered a manga which I now keep inconspicuously underneath The Idiot so if they want to know my secret they first must summon their might to lift The Idiot, that massive book. I've resolbed, as you may have guessed by my weeks absence, to not tell you everything which is happening; that would spoil my fun, right? So from here onwards you may assume whatever, and do have fun with it, but remember that nothing you suppose will be closer to the truth!

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