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May 17

Yesterdy I went to the arcade after school. I only spent 2.50, however; it's not as fun to play when nobody is in the arcade, save for some little kids. Of course, it's a very nice walk into downtown Raleigh. Today I took care of my housing application for the fall semester. It was very gray outside and it evern began to rain at noon, letting up only halfware and never completely stopping.

It's a lot to have class everyday, but I really think it's not very different from a typical semester's workload. I'm able to catch shows too, one very early in the morning and one after my lunch at 1:00. The early morning is my fabvorite part of the day, which is from ~5:50 (when I wake) to 7:20, when I leave for the math class. The university tried to rob me today ($267 for a math textbook!) but I bought both of my books from elsewhere. The routine we got into last semester (cookout on friday afternoon, boxcar arcade on saturday and a load of anime that night) is now only borne by me, since everyone left campus for the summer. Nobody in my classes has felt very reminiscent of us, so it seems I'm on my own.

Today and yesterday I felt it: I'm awfully lonely.

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