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It rained all day today. Again.

I turned in my mid-term paper to my professor; though most everyone left after turning theirs in, I stayed in the class with about five other students and whittled away the better part of a full class period.

This class is taught in a short, European-style building which was erected in 1932. The classroom for this lecture has a very tall ceiling and an abundance of windows which (on a sunny day) flood the room with light and summer-heat. But today the windows only permitted a dim gray color mixed with the steady sound of rain falling on the building's brick outcropping.

We talked about a number of different things. The most touching thoughts came from our discussion on boredom. Boredom, it seemed, was the background noise for children of an earlier age, before there was any internet or broadcast TV as we know it now. Boredom, it seemed, was integral to that time, when one could sit outside and watch the trees bend with the blowing of the hot summer wind, or watch cars scuttle by on their way to something far removed from this lazy existence. Oh, what analog is there today?

I cannot think of a moment where we are ever so affected. Boredom is so easy to mitigate these days; it seems nobody wants you to be bored anyhow: "Sign up for Twitter!", "Connect with friends and the world around you on Facebook" and so on. This is such a different existence. The noise it all produces is so loud, it seems one may go deaf.

But you need not listen to that noise.

When I look back over these things I cannot help but to feel negative: why has the light fled us? Because it has, hasn't it? What sort of niche is there for us today in the digital age? What do we do with the abundant freedom of choice the Internet brings?


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