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December 2016

Watching あの夏で待ってる is the first time I've been so happy and so sensational, more amazing considering the long autumn which felt like some put a record on and left, letting it spin dutifuly and for nobody. ためない。僕の青春。。。ここである?もう。。。経った?駄目だ。まだ大学生よ

If I were so finally jaded I could never feel like this I haven't finished あの夏 yet so don't tell me what happens next. In the everyday show plot is almost a dismissable element but here plot is so crucial to the way the show weaves emotion and subterranean feeling into every moment. There's so much I want to write about this show but for fear of not expressing myself and my feelings at the pen's pace I cannot tell you! A tragedy, I will write no more on it but I urge you to find any rip you can find of it, for I want to break you from your cold iron cell!

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