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February 17, 2017

I think I stayed up all last night and most of the night before upgrading the onsen/ section of this website; consequently, I slept all day. It's not much of a consequence really, I enjoy working on this a lot.

Last night, before I didn't sleep much, a group of us watched some of the weekly shows and other things. Inferno Cop, Dragon Maid, the Milk Run episode of Miami Vice. I watched those things with some old and new friends. It's delightful to be such an influence among first-year students so I can break up their typical interpretations of the collegiate undergraduate. I can't ignore how much my friends have influenced me as well. When did we slip down here? Did we do it together? It's not much of a matter right now nor will it be ever.

A few weeks ago I dyed my hair blonde from a natual brunette, and next weekend I go back to have it died a very light blonde. Hopefully it turns out well~

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