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August 8

Today is Tuesday. I go back to school on Friday. Looking through my old tests reminds me how good it feels to do well & how much of a piece of garbage, how bad, how shitty doing poorly makes me feel.

Summer job ended a week ago and reminded me how loose, lazy I get when nothing's driving me to wake up in the morning. Turned that around (finally) on Friday when I got the state car inspection &amp drove to Greenville for the weekend. This week I've been packing some stuff and cleaning out a lot of other stuff. Packing light and taking lots of blankets to toss around. Hopefully I'll be getting a new computer from university surplus.

I love my diary but keeping it buried on my website becomes more irresponsible very day as the site grows and my wish to stay anonymous remains. I'd have a fit if someone on the site knew who I was, could come up to talk to me and knew my everything, even if they did not fully understand.

It's struck me today how fast I (we?) change in such a short time; looking back even one or two years is jarring. I'm not sure that I could even cast the role of a ten-years-ago me in a play. Myself! Does everyone have this trouble?

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