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Personal Corner

This is my personal space, where I keep my writings and things. This place originally started on paper in May 2015 when I started my diary, just before graduating high-school. I wish I had kept a diary from high-school though; there is a hell of a lot of influence from that time, and you'd get to know a lot more about me. Some day I will put together a compendium of everything I know from then; incomplete (of course) since I do not remember everything. This naturally brings me to:

Importance of the Personal Corner

Keeping a diary / journal / [insert your manliest word here] is very important personally. Had I not written down a lot of these things, I'd easily forget some of those early, inspirational moments of my life; small things are especially important to write down, as those too carry weight that you would not expect. If you value your humanity, I'd charge you to also keep a diary of thoughts and experiences.

How personal does the personal corner get

Very personal. /Diary is everything ripped from my paper diary. I only started archiving it on the Web when I tore the first copy into a million pieces in August 2016 and started on the second book.

Otherwise, this place is a collection of my un-filtered thoughts; the publication of this place was prompted by nothing in particular.

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