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As it has been said, ramen is a world unto itself. There are so many different types, textures of noodles, which also vary in thickness and length. Additionally there are many different types of broth, which may or may not have seasoning, a hint of wasabi, green onions, or any other ingredients you can imagine.

I am only a student in this brave new world. However, I know enough to grasp the beauty of the kaedama system. The scenario is simple: you finish your noodles but you're still hungry. Rather than drinking the broth and calling it quits, you shout 「Kaedama!」 and all of sudden you have another full serving of noodles at a fraction of the price of the meal. For instance, a regular order of tsukemen (つけ麺) costs me 750円. A kaedama only costs me 110円 on top of that. You can even order a hankeadama (半かえだま) at some places, which is just a half-serving of noodles.

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