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Yumi explores his interpretation of the Japanese convenience store canon with Family Mart melon-pan and a can of Asahi

I had octopus today. It was the best sashimi I have ever had and I am very excited to go back.

There was a test in my Japanese class test. Nobody thought it went well except me, but even I said it just went "okay".

I don't think anyone gives nightcore (esthetic) enough credit.

J. Cole's most recent album K.O.D was really good.

Most people don't explore music often enough.

I don't want people to know much about me. Actually it's something I sincerely try to avoid. But here we are.

Sometimes I remember how simple it all was. I wish that everything could all be so simple. Who's fault is that?

I am a man of simple pleasure: for instance, take that I am reading a 4-koma (as was the case during my free time today). You ask if I am reading 4-koma. I say no. It's that simple.

My favorite song in the world is Porter Robinson's Divinity. However I don't enjoy listening to it much anymore. Is it still my favorite song?

I'm not sure what to make of other people sometimes. I'd love to read your diary. Send it to me sometime.

Icecube: Today Was a Good Day

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