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August 2016

[Beginning of a new book]

It's been hot as all hell this week and heat shows no signs of relenting, which pushes walks to downtown later into the evening. ████, ████ and I went there a few days and nearly drowned in the humidity. That night we stayed up and talked for a long time, mostly ████ and ████ talked about their time in high-school. I didn't say much other than the occassional agreement or question but although it may feel very similar I know we don't look back at it similarly. Often, I get the sense that ████ wants to exist in a tiny, final universe that summarizes the four years in high-school. It is such a backward-looking philosophy to strive for feelings that have already been felt before. There should be smeway to cast their vision in front, but each time we are close and jovial they think it is an echo from behind!

Classes start tomorrow. I've been on campus for nearly two weeks for mentor training and I thought I couldn't wait for anybody to get here. But as the ove-in date for everyone else drew closer I remembered that it meant everyone would be moving in all the seclusion I once had cannot be afforded now, only it can be found n the early morning and in the depest places but flees fast. As a mentor I am responsible for a group of ~20 freshmen but they feel so alien that I'm not sure how to proceed maybe it's better that we share no common thread?

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