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Woke up very early this morning feeling miserable; I've been in a bout of sickness or something since Wednesday. I should've skipped class, should've realized that I'd do better resting at home than taking the time to sit in a Verilog class I'm only going to feel dizzy throughout. That day I traced my steps back home and collapsed in my bed, alternating between sleep and consciousness from the early afternoon through the night and into the morning.

But this Sunday morning I was awakened before my alarm by a terrible feeling in my stomach; a few minutes I spent in ajudication of the situation, I then willed myself into the shower, sitting squarely in the middle of the shower and letting the water run over me, half-heartedly shampooing my hair from that vantage. I doubled over when I stood up to cut the water and was hit by an intense sudden rush of sickness and nausea; I spent the next twenty minutes sitting on the floor and staring through the wall.

There is a lot going on; I hope you will understand; I've had to tell lots of my friends that I cannot spend all the time in the day with them; I have shifted my focus and effort toward school, necessarily, but I'm not sure they've gotten the message. Actually, I feel bad if we're hanging out and actively not doing anything. Sitting around the TV and just idly chatting; I know they are "friendly" things to do but I itch to do something more involved; I wish I could but I can not help but feel such a way sometimes, someplaces...

In any case, I've strapped myself with responsibility and now we're really getting over the hill; my free time has (once again) evaporated and now I discover the taste of my sour, stubborn, fruitful harvest. Somehow it's different this year...

Whose world is this? The world is yours, the world is yours...

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