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July 28

On sort of an impulse, yesterday I went to the bookstore █████████. We had met most recently last year, but only briefly. We'd known each other very well in high school, and as far as I can imagine she's the first girl I liked~

. . . bureaucratic machinery. Anyhow as I remembered her, she was a very pretty blonde haired girl with thin arms and a capable, nimble body. Her face was thin and subtly dotted with light brown freckles, and she had long legs that fit perfectly into her winter jeans, or we bare, tanned, smooth and masked only by a short length of denim in the summer. When I saw her yesterday she was a welcome sight to my summer-dimmed eyes. [Scribbling] She had put her sunshine's hair into a braid that fell from one stream over left shoulder. she still had the same small crystals in her ear lobes and her green eyes had not lost any color The purple . . . childing [scribbling] covered her chest and was complemented . . .only. . . mutually over her shoulders. . .

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