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February 18, 2017 Coming off of sleeping very little yesterday, I spent the whole morning of the 17th in a beautiful haze. I wandered over to my class on the other campus and nearly fell asleep on the bus ride over. Then I handed in my homework and listened to the 50-minute lecture about second-order differential equations in circuitry. It's funny that the model of a circuit lends itself very naturally to a system of n-order differential equations.

After my only class for the day I wandered back to main campus and hit the convenience store with a good friend. The convenience store in particular is a little hole cut out of the concrete of the Kamphoefner building, one of the school's design buildings, and it is mysteriously named the D-Cafe. The thick concrete walls around the D-Cafe are never more than 15 feet away from any point inside, defining a warm and intimate existence far-enough away from the campus' heated pulse. Papa John's pizza is delivered a few times a day on a lazy schedule. There are a four tables stuck to the tile floor, each with its retinue of four chairs each that jealously eat D-Cafe's space.

It's a very cozy place to exist outside the typical intepretation of our campus.

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