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Cerulean. She'd learned that word somewhere. Maybe from a game or a book. But now she learned it again, staring into this abyss.

Slowly, her gaze traced the outline of a few distant clouds. She wasn't sure how long she had been looking into the sky, but she should probably cut her thoughts short, pack them neatly away for some other time. She wouldn't want to be late.

As she recovered herself from her thoughts, she blinked her eyes and looked around. She was sitting on a stone-granite bench, one of several such benches arranged in a circle and facing each other. At the center of this circle stood a 10-foot sundial. A few children were playing on this sundial, teasing each other and some daring to climb higher than the rest at times, then descending to the earth by sliding down one of the dial's smooth edges.

A few people populated the other benches, amused by this little show.

Her hands touched the cool granite on which she sat. She stretched her legs straight in front of herself, gathered her left arm first, then her right, and stretched both arms forward, first tracing the fluffy outline of her thighs, then extending further down her legs, teasing her calfs and finally terminating this reach at the soles of her white shoes. She held this bent-forward pose for a few seconds before returning her hands to their typical position, satisfied.

She stood up and smiled quietly, exiting the circle. The walkway brought her to the entrance of the observatory, and she entered with little haste.

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