Greetings from scenic,

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It's our nature to do things we enjoy; we avoid things we don't like: that much is obvious. If we take that as a fact the following results: don't chastise people for liking things you don't like.

Don't worry; I'll still understand. In my infinite wisdom of being 22, standing at the threshold and having all the answers despite never having crossed: that's the least I can do for you mere men.

But in all seriousness understand this: there are things I shouldn't write about. There are things I won't write about. For my own sake: understand that I am a person too. We both go out in the morning, get breakfast, make small-talk, make the important decision between 2% and whole-milk, become obsessed with small details. So understand me as you understand yourself, then you should know how important this small selfishness is.

And just as I do not confess much to anyone other than my closest friends, understand that that is a title which does not mean much if I hand it out to everyone. To put your head near my chest and listen, in order to hear and understand my heartbeat: I should push you away. I should make every attempt to hide that young girl's diary of my heart, only betray myself once every while just to see if you're awake yet.

I'd love to see your open eyes catch the breaking dawn. Only then could we get started.

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